Floral Stationary Freebie

stationary 1I recently had the privilege of writing out an important letter. I received a scholarship to study ceramics (*eeek!*) and I needed to write a thank you letter.  I wanted it to be special, ’cause that’s the way I roll, so painted out some flowers and made it into a printable stationary.  And of course I wanted to share it with you! You know, just in case you are in need of some prettified paper. stationary 2There is a full sheet and a half sheet PDF available to download for free below:

Stationary Full page                Fabpollen Stationary

Fabpollen Stationary Full page1                                       Fabpollen Stationary Half page1

I really hope you can find a reason or a special person to write a fancy letter to.  It’s always fun to make something just a little more fantastic.

Happy Fabricating!

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A Watercolor Doe

IMG_0351I see deer all day long.  They are all over the mountain that I live on, and they hang out in the meadow by my mail box (yes, I get mail way out in the woods). A few months back, my folks came up to visit and we went shopping in a little town just at the bottom of the mountain. And my mom fell in love with a painting of a deer.  It was pretty pricey, so she jokingly said “Well, Mother’s Day is coming.”

I certainly couldn’t afford to buy it for her. But hey, what do I do best? DIY it of course!IMG_0350This painting is definitely similar to the original’s in style and feel. But I think that the subject in mine is a little more on the hopeful side.    Here is the inspiration for my watercolor…

l5It’s an oil on canvas painting. It’s simple and beautiful, but the raggedness of her fur along with the starkness of the background felt a little sad for a Mother’s Day gift.  IMG_0352My mom was really surprised and I think she cried on the phone when she got it in the mail.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Fun 5 Friday: Coziness, Goblins, & Graceful Decay


1 dotThis sweater is so cozy and home-y looking.  I just want to wear this around the house and feel cozy and fancy at the same time.  I guess i might be getting ready for the fall a little too soon.



These Figurative sculptures of Carrianne Hendrickson.  This one is called Goblin Market. It’s a clay tea pot! The detail in this sculpture is so nice. It looks menacing and innocent at the same time.  She has many other works for sale in her Etsy Shop, also

11a7d2ea8a7fec75a6f10245520e2184 3 dotMany of you might already know but I used to work as a florist.  Like, for a long time. And we florist have a love/hate relationship with our beautiful works of art when their time is up. We hate to see them go, but know we can’t hold on to them forever.  There is a special beauty in death and decay, and it can help remind me to live in the present and appreciate what I have now. And just to let life happen.  I just found this tumblr, This Ivy House, on the subject.  Oh, and I just love flowers… so there’s that too.


4dotI really like the colors in this accent wall and shape of that bench! Those little cubbies! *sigh*

c0805112a62dd86c069752dff4fb41bc 5 dotI’ve been doing some hand-building ceramics over the last few months and I’m going to start a wheel throwing class soon.  These overalls would be so fancy to wear as a smock. I like them as just normal clothes though too.  Maybe I gotta fire up that sewing machine! 😉


DIY Mid Century Rustic Chair

_MG_4206 So, like I said in a post from last week, there was a DIY living room chair post coming up soon.  But not just any chair. A mid-century “rustic” chair.  It’s a mid-century modern style with a rustic twist. ‘Cus I live in the woods, so why not.

When my folks asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told them a Home Depot gift card. Best gift EVER! I spent less than $100 on the lumber, and I did the upholstery with two Mexican blankets I bought on Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

When we went to Home Depot, a man who worked there seemed really confused as to why we were making a chair. He was like, “You know you can buy those, right?” HA HA! Yeah you can. But it’s more fun to make stuff, and less costly.

midcentury mod chair 4 We are novices (to say the least) at wood working.  My dad was a carpenter, so I feel ok around power tools, and my brain works well with physics and geometry. Well… most of the time. But Tyler has a knack for working really hard and really well through tough problems.

When we built our bed frame,  it was pretty straight forward. Straight 90° cuts and simply measuring around a mattress. With my dad’s help, it was pretty easy. This was a different story.  Not only are there complicated angles, but we did this with out Daddy-o’s help. AAAHH! We needed some serious plans if we were even going to attempt to try this.

98c7207a3df1bf5afc30d1cea0ae2060I did a lot of searching the internet for “Mid Century Chair DIY” with no luck and then I found Studio C. OH MY GOODNESS is her site great. She has TONS of woodworking plans for free! She takes furniture from high-end retailers and makes DIY plans for you and me.

Click here to get the link to the Mid Century Modern Side Chair plans.

Now,  with this plan, we found a little bit of info missing in the beginning stages with the angles. It might have been fine if we were intermediate wood workers, but being beginners, it was a little tough.   I was ready to just throw in the towel. I felt like I bit off more than I could chew. But Tyler’s skills really paid off.  He kept at it and worked through the problem, while I googled other chairs to buy.  Next thing I knew, he figured it out and we were back on track.

Here’s a few pics of the building process…

IMG_0331[1]The problem we were having had to do with the angle when attaching the front leg to that sharp angled back leg.

IMG_0338[1] Of course, Io was there to help with every step.

IMG_0340[1]We lived with it in this state for a few weeks, ‘cus we changed the design of the back a little and hadn’t figured out what we wanted to do for the upholstery yet.

Waiting to Dry Io and I did some porch siting while we waited for the stain to dry.  This step took close to a week because the air is so moist in our area.

midcentury mod chair 3 midcentury mod chair close up2I love the knot on the arm that Tyler made sure to get when we were picking out our wood. It might be a little bit of a weak spot,  but it doesn’t seem to mind a little pressure on it. Some times you gotta take some chances, you know?

midcentury mod chair backAs you can see, we changed the back from what the plans had originally.  The first try seemed a little bulky for our taste when we held the pieces in place.

midcentury mod chair close upFor the upholstery, I used some high density foam from an old project and two mexican blankets. I fused the blankets to a stiff canvas to make them a little stronger, shaped the foam the way I wanted, and started a-cuttin’ and a-sewin’. I added some really long upholstery zippers for easy removal and put the new cushions right were they belong.

midcentury mod chairThanks for taking a look at our new chair! I’m really excited to finally be able to share the finished product with you!

Happy Fabricating!

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Dogs in Hats: A Watercolor


This is Bernadette. Bernie for short. She is a “Pood-a-dooda” or a “Pood” , but you might just know her as a Standard Poodle.  She is my parents wacky dog.  She is funny and smart and loves to get her hair done up in fancy styles. Well… I don’t know if she actually loves that part, but she tolerates it at least.  Bernie also wears fancy accessories, as you can see.  What’s the point of having a poodle if you don’t dress her up, right?

Bernie is my dog Io’s BFF and she is certainly my parents doggy soul-mate.  So for my dad’s birthday last year I painted him a fancy picture of a fancy dog.

bernie paintingHere she is all dressed up! What a good little Pood.

bernie painting begining stagesI mapped out all of my lines with watercolor pencils and started painting.

bernie painting middle stagesI like to get the basic shapes and overall under-color down and then work one section at a time, rather than working on parts of my paintings evenly. So you can see here that I almost completely finished her face before moving on to the less important areas.  Also, I made I pretty big design decision at this point.

I knew I wanted her in that cute hat, but I was just going to have her wear her regular collar as you can see in the out line. But I wasn’t feeling it when I started to paint that area, and I’m glad I waited. I might not have thought of putting her in a classy little sundress.

bernie paintingShe is such a sweet dog, you can just see it in her eyes. She is so kind, loving, and gentle… until she wanted to chase Io around.  And I think the outfit really captures her personality.

benie painting in frameWe love you, Bernie Pood-a!

Do you ever dress up your pets? That’s actually what started my career as a seamstress when I was 5 years old.

Funny, huh?

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Fun 5 Friday: Wood, Lace, & Leather

3335c228834e7888c01f81f2af6db5f5 1 dot

I really like this owl sculpture made by UK artist Zack Mclaughlin. His Etsy store, Paper and Wood,  is filled with different bird sculptures all made from wood, paper, plastic, and wire.  I have a soft spot for owls and this one is a beautiful representation.

dc24d1c99f6b687c693ae88a324b7328 2dotThis post on block printing in Japur by Tiny Atlas.  It’s not only incredibly informative, but the photos and process are beautifully executed.   I would love to try my hand at this method of block printing.  hmmm….

ce78db68d600b87709661f03c3494dc9 3 dotThis 1930’s table a stool set is just my style.  We (Tyler and I) have been doing some wood working projects for the house these last few months, and we would like to do a new kitchen table and bench soon.  We recently made a REALLY fancy chair for our living room (post on that coming soon) and our bed frame last year.  So I feel like we could accomplish something similar to this.

3a637e52b282a8ec666afb7c0c456bb3 4dotI’m not a huge fan of the whole romper thing, but don’t get me wrong… I think they are SUPER cute on other folks, but I’m really tall (like 5’10”).  And they just arn’t made for ladies like me.  The waistine is always too high, and the measurement from the shoulders to the rise (the crotch) is too short. So you might imagine there might be a camel toe situation. Not cool… but this one?! MAN! I wish I could wear this, even just as a nighty around the house.  It’s no longer in stock, but they have a cute printed one here.

6292dfa563737a440ef89e0534380878 5 dotAnd last, but not least… these boots! I just bought them from amazon, and I paid like half price! 😀  I have been crushing on ’em for a few weeks now and I finally ordered them.  I have never ordered shoes online so I was a little weary. I’m not good at gambling.  I read lots of reviews, and I just couldn’t get them out of my head.  They came in the mail yesterday, and they are so nice! They fit like they were made for my feet and the quality is fantastic.

Hope y’all like this week’s 5.  I’m really happy about being back to blogging.

Do you have any cool stuff you’re crushing on this week? Send me a link in the comments. I love sharing!

Happy Friday!

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Copper Pipe Kitchen Organizer

kitchen with pipe rack2I love my Stand Mixer. It’s great… we have a great relationship. It does all the hard work and I get to eat plenty of cookies, but really I have no space in my cupboards for the attachments.  I used to just store them in the bowl of the mixer, which is always on my counter, but that can end up looking messy.  Searching for a solution one day (while I was rummaging through my kitchen drawers looking for the 1/4 teaspoon, AGAIN!), I came up with this nifty little set of hanging  copper  racks.

Now they put the FUN in FUNctional! They organize all of my measuring and mixing utensils and look really fancy while doing it.

And now, what kitchen would be complete without pretty little vases for fresh Freesia? Well… I guess a lot of kitchen’s would be just fine with out that… but not mine. 🙂

So anyway, here’s what you need:pipe rack supplies_edited-1

  • 2 Small pieces of copper pipe (Approx. 12″ long)
  • Copper End Cap fittings for each end (4 total)
  • 1 package of Copper Nails.
  • 4 Copper Wall Brackets
  • “S” hooks (not shown)
  • Small hammer

pipe rack DIy_edited-1First, assemble the pipe by pushing the end caps on as tight as you can. Next, bend the wall  mounting bracket around the pipe. You’ll just bend it around a little so it fits snugly. Your fingers should do the trick here, no fancy tools necessary.   Copper is pretty pliable.

pipe rack DIY 2After you’ve bent the bracket around the pipe it should look like this.  See how those nail holes arn’t quite flush with the board? Just bend those little tabs up a bit until they sit flat, or as flat as you can get them… nobody’s perfect.

pipe rack DIY 3See how they are a little flatter now?  Like little feet.

kitchen with pipe rack4Go ahead and nail them too the wall now. Just measure out where you want them and either eye ball it, or get real fancy and use a level to make sure they are nice and straight. I just love those copper nails! They are so well camouflaged. 

To make the little vases I used re-purposed jam jars and some of my trusty double wound wire. Just wrap the wire once around the jar lip and twist the ends together. Make a “v” with the 2 ends and bend them into a hook shape over the pipe. Trim off the excess.

I’ve had them up for months and put flowers in them all the time. They aren’t going anywhere.

kitchen with pipe rack I actually made 2 sets.  Here they are in my kitchen.

kitchen with pipe rack3 aaahh…. Now there is a place for everything…

kitchen with pipe rack6 You see my “S” hooks there? You could buy them like a normal person… or make them yourself like some sort’a nut case. I not only like the handmade style of these, but I couldn’t find any at the hardware store when I went, and plus they are usually silver and I like the black.

kitchen with pipe rack5TADA! Now I can always find that little 1/4 teaspoon!

kitchen with pipe rack7

Happy Fabricating!

~ Sami BamBam


Fun 5 Friday: Bees, Bears, and Beaded Lamps

il_570xN.450400940_inwp1 dot

Isn’t this print just the “bee’s knees”! Haha. I think this print by AgedPage is super cute. It’s such a strange saying, and this print really brings the mental image to life.

a415a54f9d46d7b451c009d99a9bd82a 2dotOk… you may not have noticed here on FabPollen, but I have a slight obsession with acorns.  I make jewelry out of acorn tops, got married under an oak tree, and when I clean out my car, I find little piles of forgotten acorn collections. But these Acorn Button Boxes?! Come on! They are FANTASTIC! Cattails Woodwork really out did themselves.

d5b6c9ee1c86657e51f06b469de23532 3 dot

I really like this little bear sculpture. I found it on Pinterest, and it is sold out on Etsy, but I can’t find a link to the original artist. If you can figure it out, let us all know in the comments below.


4dotI recently read this post on Judy’s Journal. I was attracted to the post based on its images of stitching, but her outlook on stitching as an art form is beautiful as well. She mentions that “After design decisions have been made, it’s all about the time”. And we can just kinda turn our brains off and stitch.*ahhhhh*… relaxation. Although I do enjoy all the thought that goes into the design process.


5 dot

I would love to do a DIY version of this hanging lamp, but where do I get giant wooden beads? Carving them myself would take a lot of work.  But maybe I can figure out something…. Hmmm.

Hope you’re having a great time in 2015.

Happy New Year!

~Sami BamBam

Best of 2014: FabPollen’s First Year

best of 2014

It has been a CRAZY year! We’ve moved multiple times, worked very hard to be where we are in our lives, and we’re looking forward to what the future has in store for us.  I hope 2015 has as much excitement and new experiences as 2014. But before I start looking too far forward, I want to take a quick look at where FabPollen started and what I have accomplished as a new blogger.  For instance, better pictures eh?! I might just brag a little bit right now about the above pic… 🙂 I really like how it turned out. The “FabPollen” part is made of wire. Cute or what?

Anyway… Let’s take a look at some of my favorite posts from this year.

Hand painted colored pencils. For sale on my etsy page

1. My very first post! It took a lot of guts to put myself out there, and it was a long time coming. I took these pictures in my temporary, makeshift studio at my folks house.  My camera was brand new, and wasn’t really sure how to use it. I really enjoy seeing how far my photography skills have come. (There has been a lot of pouting and tantrums along the way)

8. Repeat steps 4-6 with the shorter 10 tassels.  But place them between the longer tassels.

tassel lamp1


2. My tassel chandelier. This post didn’t get a ton of attention, but it is still one of my favorites.  It is still hanging in my bedroom, and I love it!

IMG_1583 (2)_edited

3.This  Colored Engineer Print. I made this last Valentine’s Day for Tyler. It’s a picture of our hand fasting ceremony during our wedding, blown up to poster size and hand colored.

And speaking of our wedding….


Our Handmade Wedding

SONY DSC DSC_0170_edited-1_edited

4. Our Handmade Wedding was one of my most popular posts! Almost everything but the cake was a DIY adventure. My dress, the flowers, centerpieces, table cloths and runners, decorations, the photos… *sigh*  It was stressful but sooooo worth it.


5. My post on the subject of going from stalker to blogger. This post really made me realized just how hard running your own blog is. And the pro’s make it look really easy, but it is a ton of hard work!

DIY High Waisted Bikini

6. My DIY High Waisted Bikini was a hit! I still see it floating around pinterest, thanks to everybody who shared it with their friends.  I had a lot of fun making it and it has held up really well. I’m sure I’ll get a few more summers out of it!

Baby Gift Set

7. I made this Baby Shower Gift Set for my cousin’s baby girl last summer. I think the bandana bibs are super cute, and they’re great for a drooly little baby.  The dress is made with a slightly modified version of a Burda Style sewing pattern.


8. I had a lot of fun updating this ceramic planter. It has actually held up better than I thought. After it cured completely, it’s very hard to scratch the paint off. Yay!

Industrial Hanging Planterclose up wire close up wire7

9. This little Industrial Hanging Planter is definitely one of my favorites. If you can’t tell… I like to make things with wire, and this one was a lot of fun. Something I don’t really talk about often is that I worked as a florist for a few years. I still miss flowers sometimes, and any projects with plants or flowers makes me happy.

Oh yeah, and this pictures turned out great! As you can see, I’ve started to figure out the settings on my camera and man, it’s a lot more fun to take pictures now!

IMG_3141 IMG_3191 IMG_3151

10. I loved doing this post of our Pumpkin Patch Family Outing back in October.  Post’s like this are a lot of fun for me. I get to show you a sneak peek of my wacky family, plus I get to snap pictures of them all day and they can’t do anything about it! Hahaha!

5 things i dig

11. I really like doing the Friday’s Five Fun Things posts. I get to show you some things I find interesting that week. I usually post them every Friday. You can see a collection of some on the inspirations page.

Slatted Bed Frame

12. We worked really hard on our DIY Slatted Bed Frame. With help from my Dad, Tyler and I were able to get this done in a few days! I am so proud of this post. It has full printable plans included.

Jalapeno Chedder Cornbread Scones. Fluffy and Crumbly

13. These Jalapeño Cheddar Corn Bread Scones are delicious! They are great with a big bowl of chili, or with a cup of coffee for breakfast.

*Pssst… they are pretty quick and easy too!

Hanging Xmas decor

14. I was pretty pleased with my x-mas decorations this year, too.  This dried nicely and it’s still hanging up.

Well, that’s it. 2014 is just about done. Now it’s time to get a jump on 2015’s posts!

Happy New Year!!!

~Sami BamBam

Faux “Laser Cut” Holiday Tree DIY (over 4 ft tall!)

faux laser cut tree

Want an alternative to a traditional Christmas tree, or just add to your DIY Christmas décor collection? Try making a “laser cut” style tree. I call it that cuz it looks a lot like these laser cut trees, but mine are dremel cut instead. The tree finishes at 52″ tall and about 20″ in diameter at the base.  We cut the Redwood tree silhouette out of a two big pieces of 1/4″ ply wood and they criss-cross in an “X” shape. It’s free-standing and… guess what?! You can download the template!

What you need:

Screenshot tree

First Download the templates with the links above, and open the file with Adobe Reader. The second template is only needed to cut the line down the center of the tree. Print the file with the Poster option selected, and the “cut marks” box checked.  It will print 14 pages for each template, each page is numbered.  Arrange the pages in order with odd numbers on the left hand side and even numbers on the right.  You will see a small x mark in the corners of each page. Match each page at that mark and tape.

wooden tree work in progress 3

Now that the first template is done, cut it out and lay it out over your two layers of ply wood. Tape it down with the painters tape, and clamp the wood down to your saw horses. (We used some stools instead of a saw horse) We used some extra scraps of wood where the clamps hit the wood, so it didn’t get damaged. Start cutting out the shape and just keep going until it’s all cut out. wooden tree work in progress 5 wooden tree work in progress 1wooden tree work in progress 2

You will need to move the clamps around a few times in order to cut around them.

wooden tree work in progress 4

Make sure to cut the small open shapes inside the template so that it gives the tree some character. And just drill a small hole at the center point through both layers.

wooden tree 1_edited-2

                       Layer #1                                                     Layer#2

Before you cut the line down the center, separate the two layers and reposition the first template on one of the layers.  Cut out the second template and lay it over the second layer. It’s probably best to use some more of that painters tape to make sure that the template doesn’t slip around, and cut the line with the dremel from the center point all the way to the edge on both pieces. Now you should have two pieces with the center cuts going the opposite direction, like the picture above.


Now, just connect the two pieces by sliding layer #2 over layer #1 to create a “+” shape.

faux laser cut tree

You will have base with 4 feet allowing the tree to be free-standing .

Wooden Tree

We gave it a really nice dark red stain so that it has the redwood color, and our house has a lot of lighter wood. So, it makes a nice contrast. You can decorate yours however you please, but I like ours just plain. I tried to decorate it with some hand-made garland, but I couldn’t get it to look right. But some little ornaments would be really cute. This little tree adds a great forest-y cabin feel to our home.  And I like it so much, I might just keep it out year round!

Happy Holidays!

~Sami BamBam