Pom-pom Bath Rug Re-do


I bought a plain,  inexpensive bath rug when we moved in to our little apartment. I’ve been waiting for the right design idea to hit me, and here it is! This modern design is perfect to spruce up any old rug, and the pom-poms feel really great on tired feet.

bathmat stuff

What you need:

  • A fresh and clean bath rug in any color
  • Yarn in a contrasting color
  • Large tapestry needle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors (not shown)
  • Thimble (optional)


Start by mapping your design on the back side of your rug. (I chose a polka-dot pattern, but you could try other patterns like a spray of pom-poms or geometric shapes)


I made big marks where my pom-poms would be placed.


Next, start making your pom-poms. (These are made similarly to this tassel tutorial from a few months ago)

Wrap the end of your yarn around 3 fingers about 12 times. (more if you want larger pom-poms)_MG_2098

Cut the yarn, and then cut an additional piece about 6″-8″ long. Remove your middle finger, and tie a tight knot around the center of all of the yarn.


Carefully remove your finger, and cut the yarns as shown. Repeat this on the other side, after you have removed your last finger.


Bundle all of the newly cut yarns together and even them out with your scissors. But make sure to leave the two long yarns that tied it all together.


Your pom-pom should look like this. See, the two long yarns.


Make as many as you need for your design. I used 18 pom-poms.


Thread BOTH yarns through the needle, and find your mark on the back side. From the front, push the needle through to the back side and make sure you are on the mark.  This is where that thimble may come in handy, if your rug is really thick.


Pull the needle all the way through and off of the yarns completely. Make sure the pom-pom is very tight against the rug.


Start to tie a knot on the backside. Just loop it around your finger.


Insert the needle into the center of the knot and tighten the knot around the end of the needle, making sure that the knot is as close as possible to backing of the rug.



Trim the excess yarn.


Turn the rug over, and gently fluff up the rug fibers and your pom-pom.


Keep going until your design is done!



Hope you have a great week-end!

Happy Fabricating!

~Sami BamBam




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